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What people think of you, your organization and your ideas now matters more than ever.

Can you control what is said about you? Do you know how you are perceived? Can your brand survive a crisis? What do you do when a reporter is knocking at your door? How do you get the right message to the right women and men?

Executive Media can help you manage your message. Led by David Dawson, our counselors advise, research, represent and report with the goal of building and maintaining support in each important audience. We start when an idea is born and finish when the mission is accomplished. We call this function public affairs public relations. It’s all about the message.
  • Right now, when a crisis could really hurt, is the time to prepare.
  • Right now, when the traditional news media has become a news beast, is the time to renew your understanding.
  • Right now, when you have rethought your assumptions and goals, is the time to rework your message.
  • Right now, when the legislative session has ended, is the time to retool for a stronger effort in 2011.

Executive Media offers four seminars redesigned and streamlined for today’s challenges. We are scheduling these training events for the summer and fall seasons today.


Preparing to Control the Media: Our half-day media training seminar gives you tools to apply traditional techniques to the new realities of constant deadlines and the challenges of social media. We offer our program, which includes interactive, on-camera exercises for up to 12 participants. We have conducted similar seminars for the Governor’s Executive Management School and many associations, corporations and political organizations.

Communicating in Crisis: Our crisis communications seminar walks participants through the steps to build a crisis communications plan and put it into action. We include on-camera spokesperson training and scenarios tailored to your situation. This three-hour session is designed for up to eight participants. We have worked on crisis communication with many corporations and government agencies.

Messaging for Advocacy: How do you frame a message that advances your goals while overcoming barriers to communications? Our two-hour seminar is ideal for building message packages that can be spread through staff, members and supporters. The workshop ends with a group experience in building a message, using a fictional issue tailored to your needs.

Grassroots 101:
 Too often, organizations fail to achieve legislative goals because they do not know effective and economical ways to work with members of the Indiana General Assembly.  We offer a one-hour seminar in the basics of contacting and influencing lawmakers.

These training exercises can be built into conferences, conventions and retreats. Our trainers are veterans of both journalism and public relations, averaging more than 30 years in the communications business. We’re happy to bring our services to wherever you meet.