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What we do

Executive Media provides all the traditional services of a public relations agency: writing, editing, media relations, media training, crisis management, event management, issue management, grassroots development and communications counseling. With a variety of experts and studios in our network, Executive Media coordinates media buying, print design, audio and video production, direct mail and website design and maintenance. Each of our services is distinguished by the deep understanding of print, broadcast and electronic media brought to bear on the assignment and the balance of political, civic, professional and general public support needed to make it succeed.


Words and pictures are the elements that let you tell your story. We write speeches, news releases, newsletters, advertising, scripts and white papers.


Working with audio and video producers, we create commercials and public service announcements, presentations and full-length broadcast programs. Most people retain more of that they see and hear than what they read. We can help that retention.


We design and publish editorial projects, such as brochures, newsletters and full-color magazines. Choosing from our network of top designers, we can give you the look you need.

Media relations

With more than 60 years of experience in the media and working with the media, we know how to bring your message to print and broadcast reporters and to editorial boards.

Media counseling and training

Stressing control through preparation, we have taught scores of corporate, political, government and community leaders how to interact with the media.

Crisis management

We help clients through times of trouble by building bridges, not burning them. Our counsel is sought by those who want more than survival.

Web sites

Unless you're selling luxury cars or haute couture, you don't need a design-heavy website. You need a website that opens quickly, reads clearly and creates a solid understanding of who you are and what you do. And you certainly don't need to hand over five figures to accomplish that. We can put you on the web for less than you think, using proven layouts and reliable technology.