David Dawson's Executive Media

Public Affairs Public Relations

We build public support through public understanding

Executive Media Communications Consultants, Inc. began in 1994 as a belief held by David Dawson, a veteran of national and state government news reporting, that political smoke-filled rooms could no longer stand in contempt of public opinion. While government executives, legislators and lobbyists continue to propose, vote and influence, they have been made more accountable to the public by the broadening and acceleration of communications.

After leaving the office of then-Governor Evan Bayh, Dawson set up Executive Media in Indianapolis to communicate information to the general public or specific audiences about issues, ideas and organizations. Working as a member of the policy team that includes business or government leaders, policy analysts and lobbyists, Executive Media would generate the public support that can be crucial to success. We call this public affairs public relations.

Since then, Dawson has enlisted a small group of senior counselors who have assisted a long list of organizations in introducing new ideas, counteracting misinformation, controlling communications crises and renewing public confidence and support for existing entities.

Executive Media does not run party candidate campaigns and, as a rule, does not lobby. Rather, it runs campaigns for ideas and provides support for lobbyists.