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Public Affairs Public Relations

You and your message

In today's world of instant information, unending politics and far-reaching regulation and legislation, what people think of you, your organization and your ideas matters more than ever. At the same time, managing and understanding that public viewpoint has become more difficult.

Executive Media manages your message. Led by David Dawson, our seasoned counselors advise, research, represent and report with the goal of building, maintaining and repairing support within each audience that is important to your success. We start when an idea is born and finish when the mission is accomplished. We call this function public affairs public relations.


New initiatives often face skepticism. Without hearing your story, both the man on the street and the expert will believe what will happen is what always has happened. Opening minds to the possibility of new outcomes from new ideas is what Executive Media strives to achieve. We believe the best way to create understanding is to be clear, honest and direct. We believe the best way to deliver that message is determined by the audience, not by the bias or the convenience of the agency.


A name, whether yours or your organization's, is a key that opens doors or locks them. Your public reputation makes a difference. You knowing yourself is not enough. If you do not define yourself, someone else will. Executive Media believes that your reputation must be built carefully over time and protected from thoughtless damage. We believe it's easier to stop someone from jumping off a roof than to catch him on the ground. What it takes is attention to public affairs public relations.


Traditionally, the policy team that drives a program or a campaign includes the top executives in operations, law, finance and government affairs. We believe the intense role now played by public sentiment makes the addition of a chair for public affairs wise. The senior counselors at Executive Media understand the media as well as grassroots development in and around Indiana. We bring background in a variety of disciplines, from politics and government to economic development to entertainment. In addition, we bring the experience of working directly with top government and corporate executives to our role on the team.


Loyalty is a crucial characteristic for the success of any mission. At Executive Media, we maintain confidentiality for our clients and base our success solely on theirs. Equally important, however, is the ability to maintain perspective about the wisdom, timing and method of presentation of an issue or a program. Executive Media, as an outside agency, is equipped to see your organization without internal bias. We are prepared to say "no" when an insider may feel pressure to say "yes." We can tell you how your idea is going to look in the papers. And we will.